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RADAR is a project between different NGO’s of Eastern Germany and of several Eastern-European countries in rural districts. These organisations want to opposit the threat of the European integration process by nationalistic antieuropean opinions and actions. These opinions are often in accordance with racism, antisemitism, xenophobia or discrimination of national minorities and are in a strictly opposit to the development of a common European identity basing on common values, common history and common culture.

RADAR is interested in finding out the answers for following central questions:

In what compare resp. differate the quantitive and qualitive marks of the phenomenons of nationalism, ethnical distrimination and anti-europeanism in the different regions?

Which attraction have these phenomenons for common people, the youth and the social representants int the different regions?

Which democratic potentials in the differnet regions can be identified and can be supported in which way struggling against these phenomenons in the different regions?

Which common European values can be activated to accelerate the process of the Europian integration in the different regions?

RADAR wants to organize the exchange of national experiences and mutual competence transfer. In respect of the different opions and knowlegdes in the participating countries, RADAR offers:

  • mutual excursions for activists and interested people of the different countries concerning fight against nationalism and racism and ethnical discrimination,
  • common seminars in the participating regions,
  • common production of mediums and communication helps,

Our aim is to paint a „routemap of democracie“ in the participating regions, that means to identify, to connect and to support civil organisations and other people that struggle for equalitity, European integration based on varity and a common Europe based on regions.